Terms and Conditions

Welcome to GramTitans… These terms and conditions (Agreement) will govern all issues that may arise in relation to your access to www.gramtitans.com (GramTitans) or use of its social media account engagement services to grow your Instagram organically and reach potential clients, customers, leads, or fan followers (the Services). Please acknowledge that the Services may be subject to additional agreements, process and procedures, guidelines, and rules or policies of GramTitans or its partners, subsidiaries, licensors, service providers, assignees, and affiliates (collectively the Collaborating Partners). All these additional agreements and guidelines are hereby incorporated into this agreement by reference. If you don’t consent to accept and abide by these terms and conditions, you may not use this website.

Service Description

The website www.gramtitans.com is being owned and operated by So Socialized LLC (the Company, we, our, us), which can be reached at:

The website offers Instagram account engagement services on a recurring subscription basis. The Services can be used to manage multiple accounts, schedule image uploads, target potential clients by hashtags, location, or fan followers, and manage your customers engagement on social media in a hassle-free manner.

Please acknowledge that you may be required to provide your Instagram username and password for linking your social media account on GramTitans, but So Socialized LLC shall never be a party to your agreement with Instagram. We are merely providing your social media account engagement services and you shall still be liable for scheduled image uploads and other automated activities on your Instagram account. So Socialized LLC or the Collaborating Partners shall not be liable for any damages or liabilities that may arise due to any restriction, suspension, or termination of your Instagram account due to any breach of their terms and conditions or otherwise.

It will be your responsibility to arrange any device, hardware component, computer network, or internet services that may be required for using the Services.

Changes in the Services

So Socialized LLC reserves a right to add, remove, modify, or permanently discontinue any feature or service being offered or made available on GramTitans. These changes may include the social media account promotion strategies or the process and procedures for obtaining/purchasing any product, service, content, or information on/through GramTitans. We do not provide any undertaking that specific features or services on this website will be available in the future and shall not be liable for any claims or liabilities in relation to such changes or modifications in the Services.


All users, including the guest visitors, shall consent to these terms and conditions for accessing GramTitans or using any product or service being offered on this website. Clicking I Agree, Sign Up, Subscribe, or related syntaxes on any part of this website or interface of your device shall be deemed as your digital signature to enter a binding agreement with So Socialized LLC.

When you enter this agreement, it shall be deemed that you have attained the age of legal maturity and otherwise competent to enter a binding agreement in your jurisdiction, and if you are not, accessing this website or using the Services under the guidance and supervision of your legal guardian who shall consent to this agreement. However, the Services are not intended for minors less than 13 years of age and such minors are not allowed to use GramTitans.

The agreement will apply to its entirety. You are not entitled to redefine this agreement by picking or dropping the individual provisions. You can either accept or reject this agreement. If any inconsistency arises between the provisions of additional agreements and this agreement, the relevant provisions of this agreement shall prevail unless otherwise mentioned in your agreement with So Socialized LLC. In the case of any inconsistency with the applicable laws, the affected provisions shall be deemed as redundant to the extent of such inconsistency and the applicable laws shall prevail.

The Services shall be available to all users across the world, but it shall be your responsibility to ensure that you can access or use Instagram/GramTitans in your jurisdiction without violating any local, state, and federal laws or embargos for being resident to any country or listed on any governmental list of restricted parties/entities.

So Socialized LLC reserves a right to monitor and record your activities on this website in its sole discretion, but shall have no obligations to do so. If we believe or become aware that you are involved in any breach of this agreement or using the Services in violation of our policies or applicable laws, we may prevent any further use of the Services and disclose any record, communication, personal identity, information or content to the relevant authorities / third parties in our sole discretion.

Copyrights and Trademarks

This website its content and presentation, including but not limited to icons, logos, trademarks, service marks, page headers, texts, images, graphics, videos, audios, applications, scripts, communications, services, service names, databases, compilations, and contained intellectual properties are exclusive or non-exclusive property of So Socialized LLC and the Collaborating Partners, fully protected under the copyright and trademark laws of the United States and relevant international conventions. Copyrights © So Socialized LLC 2016. All Rights Reserved.

For the purpose of this section, the term content shall include images, videos, graphics, music, sounds, software applications, databases, compilations, or any other material, information, or communications and related chat clients, message boards, or resources that can be viewed by the other users on GramTitans. You may access or download any content on this website for personal and non-commercial use, but nothing in this limited license shall grant you any rights to copy, extract, reproduce, republish, modify, upload, post, distribute, or otherwise transmit any document, information, or content from this website, by any means, media, or manner, without a written permission from So Socialized LLC or other copyright owners, as the case may be.

It shall be your responsibility to obtain required permissions before using any copyrighted material or content in relation to your Instagram account promotion. Please acknowledge that any unauthorized use of copyrighted content may result in civil or criminal proceedings under the copyrights, trademarks, and other applicable laws. You should never modify, remove, or disparage any third party copyright notice, and always respect their logos and trademarks being used on this website.

Registration / Subscription

Access to GramTitans shall be voluntary, but only registered used shall be allowed to use the Services. You may be required to submit your name, contact number, email address, Instagram username and password, credit card details, and other information related to your personal or business profile for creating an account on GramTitans. Please acknowledge and consent that SoSocialized LLC shall be entitled to collect and use your personal information on Instagram in relation to the Services offered on this website. All information that we may obtain from your Instagram account or collect on this website will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy which is being incorporated into this agreement by reference.

When you submit any information on this website, it shall be deemed that submitted information is accurate, authentic, reliable, complete, and updated, and you have all the rights to submit the information or content on this website. You shall be solely liable for any infringement, non-performance, or liabilities that may arise from submitting any unauthorized information or content.

It shall be your responsibility to keep your GramTitans login information secure. Any breach of your GramTitans login information may compromise your Instagram account and activity. You shall be solely liable for all activities on your GramTitans account. So Socialized LLC shall not be liable for any damages or liabilities that may arise due to your inability to maintain the confidentiality of your login information.

All accounts on GramTitans shall remain non-transferable. You are not allowed to transfer your rights and obligations under this agreement.

So Socialized LLC reserves a right to charge certain fees for its services to be payable as a subscription fee on a monthly recurring basis.

Pricing and Payment

All prices, fees, subscriptions, promotional offers, and third party services are subject to change at any time. However, we may provide a 30 days prior notice before such changes take place.

The Services may be offered for a trial period, with or without any limitations, but once this trial period is over, you shall purchase a monthly recurring subscription plan to continue the Services.

All payments to So Socialized LLC shall remain non-refundable. You may be allowed to upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan, but no prorating or refunds shall be allowed for the unused subscription period. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the applicable charges shall be calculated and billed by So Socialized LLC.

The purchased subscriptions, products, or services on this website shall be inclusive of the applicable taxes, levies, duties, shipping, handling, or additional charges, and you shall be liable to pay all such taxes, duties, and additional charges.

Only payment instruments listed on this website shall be used to discharge your financial obligations under this agreement. So Socialized LLC reserves a right to add or remove any payment instrument from this website.

When you add any payment instrument to your account, it shall be deemed that submitted billing information is accurate, complete, and updated, and you are fully authorized to use the payment instrument. So Socialized LLC shall not be liable for any non-performance due to inaccurate/invalid billing information or liabilities that may arise from any fees or imposed by your card provider or other financial institutions for membership, insufficient funds, overdraft, or over the credit limits.

Please acknowledge that So Socialized LLC may share your credit card details or other billing information with its payment processor, credit screening service providers, or other third parties in relation to your use of the Services being offered or made available on this website. Any billing or payment information that we may receive from such third parties will be handled according to our Privacy Policy.

All cancellations shall be done at least 48 hours before your subscription renewal date, failing which your payment instrument will be charged for the next subscription term.

Use of the Services

You shall use GramTitans or its Services for lawful purposes only. You shall comply with all the applicable laws and regulations related to the Services being offered on this website. When you use any engagement tools and techniques to post information, including but not limited to communication services, chat rooms, message boards, newsgroups, software applications, or other interactive services, it shall be deemed that you will never post, share, distribute, or schedule uploads to transmit or facilitate the distribution of any image, video, data, information, or content that:

  • Is incorrect, erroneous, fraudulent, deceptive, abusive, threatening, harassing, defamatory, obscene, profane, vulgar, violent, disturbing, menacing, offensive, libelous, tortuous, sexually explicit, obtrusive of others’ rights, or otherwise violate our policies.
  • Is intended to intimidate, harass, degrade, or victimize any user or group of users on the basis of religion, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.
  • Constitute spamming with unsolicited messages, chain letters, and unethical or illegal statements, reviews, or information or any kinds of unauthorized solicitation, lottery or gambling activities.
  • Designed to spread viruses, malicious codes or any program that may damage, disrupt, or hamper the functionality of any software, hardware, or network devices or intended to probe, scan, or test any vulnerability on our system/network or disobey any requirement, procedure, and network regulation to breach or circumvent the authentication protocols and disrupt our services.
  • Designed to send encrypted or anonymous messages, material or content, or promote activities that negatively affect our reputation or prevent other users from using the Services on this website.
  • Designed to impersonate other users or misrepresent affiliation to any organization, including Instagram or GramTitans.
  • Designed to induce other users to follow malicious links or obtain unauthorized access to their personal data or information.
  • Violate copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, patent, or other proprietary rights of any third party, including their rights to privacy or publicity

Please acknowledge that we may not be able to pre-screen or monitor all content that may be posted by using our services, including but not limited to scheduled uploads, communication services, chat clients, chat rooms, message boards, newsgroups, and other software applications or interactive services being made available on this website. So Socialized LLC will not be liable to you or any third party for your social media submissions, regardless of its misleading, inaccurate, untrue, fraudulent, defamatory, offensive or inappropriate nature. You shall be solely liable for what you post on social media.

We reserve a right to refuse, edit, or completely remove any content in our sole discretion, but such corrective measures shall take place only when we become aware of any violation of our policies or harmful/objectionable nature of the content. So Socialized LLC shall not be liable for any claims or consequences that may arise from such removal of infringing content or delays in it.

So Socialized LLC reserves a right to restrict your access to any feature, service, or parts of this website. You are not allowed to use any known or unknown technology to circumvent our restrictions and gain unauthorized access to any restricted feature, service, user account, database, compilation, network or server. Gaining unauthorized access to restricted areas or hampering others from using the Services shall be deemed as a material breach of this agreement, and you will be solely responsible for civil or criminal liabilities for such activities.

So Socialized LLC shall be entitled to a non-exclusive, yet perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free and sub-licensable right to your submitted content. You shall ensure that you have all the rights and authority to grant this license and allow us to edit, modify, translate, duplicate, reproduce, publish, transmit, distribute, share, or use your submitted content, in any media or manner, for promoting our business.

Your ideas, suggestions, complaints, or feedbacks (collectively Feedbacks) shall be deemed as non-confidential information. So Socialized LLC reserves a right to use your Feedback without any obligations to send prior notice, ask your permission, or pay compensation for using any intellectual property contained in such feedback.

If you feel that any content posted on/through this website infringes upon your copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, patents, or other proprietary rights, please refer to our process and procedures for filing a DMCA notice on this website.

Participation in Promotions

GramTitans may feature exclusive offers, advertisements, and promotional events being organized or sponsored by the Collaborating Partners or other third parties. In case you respond to such promotional offers or events, your communications, transactions, and delivery of purchased goods and services or received rewards will take place according to terms, conditions, warranties or representations of the respective third parties that are associated with such promotions or correspondence. So Socialized LLC shall not be liable for any such promotion or have any obligation to mediate in your dispute with the respective advertiser.

Additional Social media features

Please acknowledge that GramTitans may provide certain additional social media features, including but not limited to email, chat, messaging, and blogging services (collectively Communications) for helping you promote your business. Such Communications may be subject to additional agreements that are being incorporated into this agreement by reference.

So Socialized LLC will never inspect or disclose your personal communications through this website unless such monitoring or disclosers are required by any governmental regulations, court rulings, and applicable laws or permitted under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act or similar legislations in your jurisdiction. Please refer to our Privacy Policy to learn more about our privacy practices.

Please acknowledge that we may implement certain filtration techniques and automated monitoring systems to prevent mass spamming or unsolicited communications on/through the Services. We may also filter electronic communications that are not consistent with our business policies, as determined by So Socialized LLC. However, such technologies may not be perfect and result in blocking of legitimate communications or unsolicited communications may still pass through. So Socialized LLC shall not be liable for any such limitations of imperfections in the implemented technologies on this website.

Please acknowledge that additional social media features may involve certain storage restrictions. In case your use of the Services exceeds this storage restriction, the automated systems may delete or block communications that exceed the limits. So Socialized LLC shall not be liable for any such deleted or blocked communications.

Termination of this Agreement

So Socialized LLC reserves a right to suspend or terminate this agreement and prevent any further access or use of its Services in its sole discretion. Your account may be suspended/terminated under the following, but not limited to, conditions:

  • You have breached this agreement or failed to correct the breach within the required compliance period.
  • You have failed or unable to discharge your financial obligations under this agreement.
  • You are involved in any kinds of fraudulent, abusive, or illegal activities on GramTitans.
  • Any incurable material breach of your Instagram agreement has occurred or such termination is requested by the law enforcement agencies.
  • The Services are no longer feasible due to any technical problems or legal requirements.
  • We suspect that continued promotion of your Instagram account may harm our business interests or lead to any kinds of legal implications for you.
  • You have requested a cancellation of your GramTitans subscription.

You may also terminate this agreement by requesting a cancellation of your GramTitans subscription. However, you must cancel your subscription by sending an email request to contact@gramtitans.com at least 48 hours before your subscription renewal date, failing which your payment instrument will be charged for next subscription period.

If this agreement is terminated due to any reason, your account will be immediately deactivated and all content or information will be permanently deleted. You will be prevented from accessing your account any further. So Socialized LLC shall not be liable (to you or any third party) for any claims or liabilities on the grounds that your account was suspended/terminated without giving a prior notice. Please acknowledge that we may suspend or terminate any GramTitans account in our sole discretion, without any obligations to inform or provide the reasons for such terminations, which shall be final.


You shall indemnify So Socialized LLC and agree to defend it and its parent, partners, subsidiaries, licensee, assignees, affiliates, service providers, and each of their shareholders, directors, executives, employees, and agents (the indemnified parties), holding them harmless from all damages, claims, liabilities, suits, legal proceedings, actions, cause of actions, costs, and expenses, including the legal and administrative expenses that may arise in relation to:

  • Your access to GramTitans or use of Services on this website.
  • Your breach of this agreement or non-compliance of the applicable laws.
  • Any breach of your agreement with Instagram or other third parties.
  • Any violation of infringement of third party rights, including their copyrights or intellectual property.
  • Other matters or liabilities that may arise in relation submissions or other business promotion strategies on Instagram.

These indemnities shall survive any termination of this agreement. So Socialized LLC reserves a right to assume exclusive defense of any subject matter under your indemnification and demand full reimbursement of incurred expenses in asserting available defenses against the claims or rectifying the damages.

Disclaimer of Warranties

So Socialized LLC disclaims all warranties, undertakings, or representations to the maximum extent permissible under the laws. The Services are being provided As-Is and As-Available basis, without creating any kinds of express or implied warranties. You shall use the Services at your own risk and discretion.

Notion on GramTitans or your communications with the support staff shall create or deemed as any kinds of warranties or undertakings, whether express or implied, regarding the accuracy, reliability, authenticity, availability, quality, timeliness, completeness, effectiveness, merchantability, fitness for particular purpose, or suitability of the Services as per your business requirements. We hereby disclaim all such warranties and representations. The representatives of GramTitans are not authorized to make any such claims.

We do not make any claim (whether express or implied) that the Services will be free from mistakes, errors and omissions, viruses, malicious codes, infringements, or interruptions, and/or any product, service, or information that you purchase or obtain on this website will meet your expectations. You shall bear all the risks that may be involved in downloading any material/content from GramTitans or making any transaction in relation to the Services being offered on this website, including third party products, services, materials or information.

So Socialized LLC shall never be a party to your commercial relationship or merchandise with other users, service providers, or third party vendors on GramTitans. All transactions involving your business relationship with third parties are subject to their warranties, guarantees, and purchase, payment, delivery, or maintenance terms. We shall never be liable for any such issues.

Limitation of Liabilities

So Socialized LLC shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, major, minor, exemplary, incidental, consequential, punitive or special damages, including but not limited any loss of potential business, revenue, cost savings, profits, credibility, goodwill, peace of mind or other intangible losses that may arise in relation to

  1. your ability or inability to grow your business and reach your potential customers, clients, leads, or fan followers
  2. violation or breach of any rules, regulations, terms or policies for using Instagram
  3. escalated cost of launching any substitute social media or business promotion campaign
  4. unsolicited behavior, statements, activities, information, or content from other users or third party service providers on GramTitans
  5. unauthorized access or misuse of your personal information on the Services
  6. access to, reliance on, or use of third party website, services, or content and related transactions through this website or claim by any such third party that they are entitled to any kinds of indemnity in relation to your use of the Services on GramTitans
  7. any disruption, interruption, suspension, or termination of the Services due to errors and omissions, viruses, technical problems, maintenance requirements, unforeseen circumstances, or otherwise
  8. any other matter related to your use of the Services, irrespective of the fact that such liabilities occur due to any negligence of duty or statutory responsibilities, misrepresentation, torts, interruptions, deletion of files or data, errors and omissions, delayed performance, or non-performance by So Socialized LLC, or otherwise, and the possibility of such liabilities was already conveyed to it.

Some jurisdictions do not allow any such exclusion of incidental or consequential damages. These limitations will apply to the extent permissible in your jurisdiction. However, the total liabilities of So Socialized LLC from any such misrepresentation, negligence of duty, non-performance, tort, breach of contract, restitution, or otherwise, shall never exceed the total subscription amount that you paid during the six months immediately preceding the event that makes it liable or the maximum amount permitted under the applicable laws, whichever is less. Any such claim shall be initiated within one year from the cause of action or deemed as waived in favor of So Socialized LLC and barred from initiating in the future.

Dispute Resolution

If any claim, action, dispute or controversy arises in related to the Service or any breach, interpretation, enforcement, validity or other matters related to these terms and conditions, the aggrieved party shall notify the other party in writing and the parties shall try to resolve the dispute through mutual negotiations.

If the parties are unable to resolve their disputes within 30 days from notification, the aggrieved party shall be entitled to file an arbitration to be adjudicated by American Arbitration Association. However, the arbitrator should have no authority to award punitive and consequential damages and the parties shall waive their rights to class arbitration, class action, or other representative action or proceedings.

The parties shall be entitled to initiate proceedings in the U.S. District / Superior Court for executing the arbitration award or obtain injunctive relief against the award.

Third Party Websites

GramTitans may contain ads or links to third party websites, services, or content. These websites or services may contain information or materials that are objectionable, inappropriate, or offensive from your perspective. Please acknowledge that we do not control such websites and not responsible for copyright compliance, decency, authenticity, legality, or any other aspect of such third party content.

Third party ads or links are included to help you grow your business, but we do not endorse, recommend or renounce any product, service, content, or related views, reviews, comments, suggestions, recommendations, or other information being featured or made available by third party website. So Socialized LLC shall not be liable for any damages, liabilities, claims or consequences that may arise in relation to your access to, reliance on, or use of any third-party website, service, or content.

Force majeure events

The parties shall not be liable for any non-performance or delays in the delivery of products and services due to a force majeure event or circumstances beyond their reasonable control, including but not limited to natural calamities, terrorists attacks, civil wars, accidents, communication or equipment failure, labor disturbances, government regulations, and other events beyond the reasonable control of the defaulting party.

Entire Agreement

This agreement shall be deemed as part of your entire agreement with So Socialized LLC. Please acknowledge that third party products, services, or content on GramTitans are subject to the terms and conditions of the respective providers.


If any provision of this agreement is declared null and void or becomes unenforceable due to any reasons, the affected part shall be severed to the extent of such unenforceability. The remaining agreement shall continue to be binding and enforceable.


If So Socialized LLC ignores your non-compliance or otherwise unable to strictly enforce this agreement due to any reason, it shall not be deemed as a waiver of its rights to demand strict compliance with regard to any subsequent breach of this agreement.

Applicable Laws

The provisions of this agreement shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of New York, United States, without regard to the conflicts of laws principles or the United Nations Convention on the International Sales of Goods, which will be applicable to all products and services being offered or made available on this website. The parties shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in New York with respect to all matters that may not be amicably resolved through mutual negotiations/arbitration process as set forth in this agreement.

Changes to this Agreement

So Socialized LLC reserves a right to modify or replace these terms and conditions in its sole discretion. If any provision of this agreement is modified to reflect the changed business or legal requirements, we will publish an update notification on this Page and take commercially reasonable efforts to inform you. Once notified, the modified agreement will replace and supersede all previous arrangements or agreements with So Socialized LLC. Continued access to GramTitans or use of the Services on this website shall be deemed as your consent to accept and abide by the modified agreement.


All communications, declarations, and notices related to the Services being offered on this website shall preferably take place through electronic communications and deemed as served on their confirmed dispatch.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these terms and conditions, please write to our support team at write to contact@gramtitans.com. You can also reach us at: